Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Apples and blackberries taste so good together, and there’s nothing more cozy for cold weather than an Apple and Blackberry crumble.

Our friends over at Home Life Abroad have a great recipe for an Apple and Blackberry Crumble that you can make on those cold winter days. It looks delicious, and I bet it smells unbelievable when it’s coming out of the oven!

Check out the recipe for Apple and Blackberry Crumble, and be sure to tell them that you found them on

Make Your Own Uncrustables

My kids love Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, and “Uncrustables” are a great way to save time. They aren’t cheap, however, and you aren’t in control of the ingredients that are in them. The convenience of having Uncrustables in the freezer, though, is something that every busy mom enjoys.

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Freezer Friendly Pancakes

Freezer Friendly Pancake Recipe

My kids love pancakes anytime of day. But they can be kind of a pain to make when you have other things going on. Sometimes there just isn’t time in the morning to whip up a yummy batch of pancakes. You will love this recipe. They tase delicious. In the past my pancakes just didn’t rise or were gooey inside. I have never had a problem with this recipe.

We like to add some chicolate chips to the pancakes. Just sprinkle some chocolate chips over the pancake as soon as you put it on the griddle.


Homemade Frozen Biscuits


I hope you are finding some really useful recipes. I have been working on a few recipes to share with you all from my recipe box. We made corn dog muffins the other day and they were pretty delicious. Once we eat them from the freezer I will share this quick and easy meal that your kids will love!

Today’s recipe is so useful! You can make Homemade Frozen Biscuits! You mix the dough together and freeze them. When you want biscuits you pop them in the oven and you have homemade biscuits!

So visit O Taste and See for this recipe I am sure your family will love!

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Slow Cooker Philly Chicken Sandwiches


One of my favorite ways to prepare freezer meals is to throw all the ingredients into a freezer bag so that I can add it to the crock pot another day. It’s quick and easy and harly any clean-up!

One of my favorite meals is Philly Chicken Sandwiches. You can double this recipe and make 2 dinners at once.  One the day you want o cook it – you just dump all the ingredients in your slow cooker and dinner is done!


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Make Ahead Ground Beef

Make ahead ground beef

Think about how easy it would be if you could skip the part of frying up the ground beef when you are making dinner. Well Simply Sherryl has a quick and easy way for you to cook up ground beef that you can freeze and then use when you are making a dinner with ground beef. It will be one less pot to clean and should make dinner prep a little faster!

Visit for this handy recipe.

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Pumpkin Spice Muffins


Have ever made too many muffins? Did you know you can freeze them? Sometimes we will pick up muffins frm Costco and they are huge. So I cut them up and freeze them. They don’t take very long to defrost and they still taste awesome. This really helps me control my portions and I don’t feel like I need to eat them all before they go bad.

I am sure you have a few cans of pumpkin in your pantry. This Pumpkin Spice muffin recipe looks delicious and are a great option when you need a little snack. Pop these muffins in the freezer and pull them out as you need them.

Visit Penny Pincher Jenny for this yummy Pumpkin Spice Muffin recipe.

Freezer Meal Inventory Printable


I love to make freezer meals – but sometimes I forget what is in the freezer. Or maybe I have most of the ingredients for a meal so I need to make a list of more items I need to buy. Our Thrifty Ideas has a great free Freezer Meal Inventory Printable that can help keep you organized.

So head over to Our Thrifty Ideas and get this very handy printable!

Chicken and Tomato Meatballs Recipe

Chicken and Tomato Meatballs Recipe



Judging by the cold temperatures here it looks like it’s going to be an early winter! Winter is one of my favorite seasons so that is ok with me. I love the snow, the holidays, and the food! Hearty soups, warm breads, and anything that is filling and hot is perfect for a winter meal. Meatballs are one of my favorite things to cook during the winter and they can be used so many different ways! You can use them in spaghetti, on a meatball sub, as great appetizers, or just by themselves. So when I saw this recipe for Chicken & Tomato Meatballs from Thrifty Jinxy I knew I had to give it a try!

You can easily turn this in to a freezer meal. Cook the meatballs according to the instructions and let cool. Add them to a freezer bag. Bake at 350* for about 30 minutes or until heated.

Ready to make this yummy recipe for yourself? Head on over to Thrifty Jinxy and check out the recipe!

What is your favorite way to eat meatballs?